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Wisconsin Institute of East-West Wellness, a local massage therapy post-secondary private career college, advocates learning, community service, leadership, and research in training professional massage therapists.
This massage therapy private career college provides you with a holistic training of natural wellness by integrating traditional Asian and European massage techniques into contemporary massage practice. We establish this school to help you become licensed massage therapists in Wisconsin. We also welcome professionals who need to strengthen their skills as massage therapists.

  Course Description
· Theories of Massage Principles and Techniques I [2014-2-13]  
· Theories of Massage Principles and Techniques II [2014-2-13]  
· Theories of Massage Principles and Techniques III [2014-2-13]  
· Business, Law, and Ethics [2014-2-13]  
· Swedish Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Chinese Massage (Tui Na) [2014-2-13]  
· Chinese Massage (GuaSha) [2014-2-13]  
· Spa Techniques [2014-2-13]  
· Indian and Chinese Head Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Deep Tissue Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Hot Stone Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Infant Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Pregnancy Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Chinese Foot Massage [2014-2-13]  
· Sports Massage [2014-2-13]  
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Address: 2222 Roosevelt Road kenosha WI 53143
Phone: 262-748-2852
E-mail: instituteofeastwestwellness@gmail.com