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Wisconsin Institute of East-West Wellness, a local massage therapy post-secondary private career college, advocates learning, community service, leadership, and research in training professional massage therapists.
This massage therapy private career college provides you with a holistic training of natural wellness by integrating traditional Asian and European massage techniques into contemporary massage practice. We establish this school to help you become licensed massage therapists in Wisconsin. We also welcome professionals who need to strengthen their skills as massage therapists.

100% Passing Rate for National 
       Massage Exam
2014, 2015

红色.jpg Some instructors have Ph.D. or 
        doctorate degree in their fields

红色.jpg On-campus job opportunity
        available after graduation
红色.jpg Small class size, one-on-one
红色.jpg Continuing Education for
        Professional  massage
红色.jpg Most Affordable and Fastest
红色.jpg Route to get your license 
红色.jpg Proud Member of American
红色.jpg Massage Therapy Association


  Frequent Q&A
Q: How long is your program?
A: Our program is 10 months,two days a week. Our classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 4:00. You can join us in September. We have a new group each year in September. We offer in-person, online, and hybrid courses. Our courses are designed to fit the busy schedule of working professionals.

Q: How much does your school cost?
A: Our tuition is $10,740 starting from Sept. We offer no-interest monthly payment plan of $895 per month for 12 months.

Q: How will I get my massage therapy license?
A: We encourage our students to take the national exam before graduation because they can still remember the materails. When you finish our program, we will prepare all the paperwork and apply for your Wisconsin State License for Massage Therapy. 

We encourage you to shop around to compare us with other training schools because you will find that we are amongst the lowest tuition but with the highest quality.

Q: Is the national exam hard to pass?
A: Our passing rate for the national massage exam is 100% in 2014 and 2015. Any test is hard, but with our help and your efforts, it is very manageable to pass the test. We select all the textbooks according to the requirements set by the national exam committee. Our textbooks are on their reference and on their recommendation list.

We want you to pass the exam, so we will teach you all the knowledge that you need to pass it.

Q: How do you select the instructors?
A: We hire outstanding staff and faculty who have established long-term reputation and years of experience. All instructors have their PhD or doctorate degrees, and fully licensed in their field.

We understand that you want nice, kind, professional, and knowledgeable instructors. We assure you that you will be impressed with each of our faculty and staff.

Q: What will I do if I miss a class?
A: We have recorded lectures to share with you if you are absent. We offer in-person, online, and hybrid classes to fit your schedule. We understand that we are all busy and have other responsibilities, and many times, things are out of our control. We offer make up hours if you miss a class. Please contact us or the instructor for any make-up work.

Q: Is it easy to graduate from your school?
A: We are students friendly. We will help you as much as we can to help you graduate. Our goal is to help you fulfil your dream to become a massage therapist. We will take care of your learning if you desire.

We assure you quality learning. Achieving excellence is our value, and we don’t negotiate anything for your learning. We strive for the best massage training school in town.

Q: How will I practice my skills before graduation?
A: We have our own massage clinic attached to our school, where you can practice your skills onto our clients. We are also very involved in the community. You will be able to perform a massage under supervision on real people in a variety of environments, such as triathlon athletes, hospice patients, hospitals, nursing homes, just to name a few. We will make sure you are surely ready to enter the real world before you graduate.

Address: 2222 Roosevelt Road kenosha WI 53143
Phone: 262-748-2852
E-mail: instituteofeastwestwellness@gmail.com